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There’s a busy few weeks ahead – Jez will spend much of early March in North East England and Scotland, with solo gigs at Manchester, Cramlington, Denholm, Quarter, Irvine and, this weekend, Stonehaven. There’s also a rare gig in Northern Ireland, at Rostrevor, before he and Steve Tilston join forces again for some duo shows towards the end of the month. Full details on the LIVE DATES page of this site… Jez is also involved in a new, somewhat mysterious venture later this month, details of which are not being released at this point. It’s a writing/composing project, which will find him based in London for much of the next few months. Intriguing eh?… And there’s still no more details on Jez’s new novel, the follow-up to 2017’s book THE DILLEN DOLL (which is now well into its second printing!). The new one is due for publication in October this year. This will be as soon as he gets back from his solo American tour, the dates for which should be on this site within the next few days. He’s then immediately into the Pitmen Poets tour, so hopefully he can fit all of this in… While he was in Holland recently, Jez recorded two instrumental pieces for a special interactive audio-visual production at Parel Van Zuilen in Utrecht. It’s a specially commissioned piece reflecting the sights and sound of one of the most historically significant and picturesque parts of Holland, and is due to be launched in early summer… The Jez Lowe/James Keelaghan live CD “Live In Fremantle 2004”, which came out in conjunction with their North American tour last year, was chosen as one the albums of the year in the recent issue of the Canadian folk magazine Penguin Eggs. The CD was only sold on the tour, and has not been distributed for general release, but copies are still available from the SHOP page on this site… There have also been some rumours on social media that The Broonzies, Jez’s pet-project which has been on ice for the last couple of years, may soon be rearing their heads again. We’ve heard nothing about it, and have no information on recordings that the group supposedly were involved in at some point, but if and when we hear more, we’ll let you know. Live recordings of some of their shows in March 2017 were made, but as far as we know, there are no plans to release any of them. Stranger things have happened, however…

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