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Celtic Music Radio (based in Glasgow) has Jez’s new album “Crazy Pagan” as Album of The Week starting later today, Saturday December 19th. As well as playing six tracks, programme host Liz Clark interviewed Jez (by phone) earlier this week, and he’ll be talking in between songs about the album itself, and much, much more. You can listen to the show here –
Jez has done two seperate Zoom concerts this week, and has another lined up for the Tunstall music session next Wednesday (Dec. 23rd). He included some “deep cuts” from his repertoire at this week’s gigs, including selections from his Christmas repertoire (SNOWED IN, CHRISTMAS IN AUSTRALIA and SNOW DANCING), plus THE FROZEN ROMAN, that new solo arrangement of TOM TOM that he’s done at all his recent shows, and most remarkably, his “Brexit” song that he last played at his American solo gigs in 2018, titled something like I WANT TO BE ALONE. It was a surprise to hear it again this week – or maybe not. Sadly he didn’t do it at the second show, so maybe it’s gone forever… Jez’s Facebook online gig on December 27th (at 8pm UK time) is open to everyone, and will focus on his Christmas songs for the most part… Meanwhile, Jez has contributed a video clip for “Songs For Wintertime” a seasonal special put together by the Sunday Street Radio Programme that goes out weekly from W-USB Radio in Stonybrook, Long Island New York – Jez has performed at their concerts many times over the years. As well as Tom Russell, Brooks Williams and many more, Jez will be singing SNOW DANCING. The show is presented in partnership with the Long Island Museum and goes out via Facebook at 7pm Sunday night, New York time – see it here  –

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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