Another UK date

Jez has one more UK solo date – at Edinburgh Pleasants Club on Wednesday, before he heads off to Germany with Jake Walton and David De La Haye for what’s being billed as a “Thirtieth Anniversary Tour”, marking Jez and Jake’s first duo tour of Europe in 1981… At a time when Jez is as busy as he’s ever been, with a huge amount of live shows coming up, and projects like The Pitmen Poets and The Muse MacColl all looming, it’s quite remarkable that all the members of The Bad Pennies are having such a successful time while the band is on a hiatus – Andy May on tour in Europe with Baltic Crossing, David de La Haye on tour in the UK with The Monster Ceilidh Band, Kate Bramley selling out theatres across the UK with Badapple’s Back To the Land Girls production, and Hinny Pawsey about to launch her new group The Bottle Bank Band at the Fiddles on Fire festival in Gateshead next month. It reflects what exceptional individuals The Bad Pennies are! They resume gigs in the the UK on April 30th, for a month of gigs throughout May.

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe
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