April news!

Jez was in action last weekend at a solo gig in Dunoon, Scotland, where his set-list included songs old and new, according to our man on the spot. MARKET DAY (a traditional song from the “Dillen Doll” album, SHINEY ROW (from “The Janus Game”) a new opening song and that one about the Roman soldier that was part of last December’s Christmas show all featured. He starts a week of UK solo gigs on April 17th, followed by a bunch in the South West with Steve Tilston… And yes, Jez is working on another novel! He said so at the Dunoon gig, but gave no details… Meanwhile, watch out for two high-profile media appearances centred around THE DILLEN DOLL in the next few weeks. Great reviews for the book and the CD in the current issues of fRoots magazine in the UK and Penguin Eggs magazine in Canada… Speaking of Canada, Jez will be touring there once again in partnership with James Keelaghan in October. There’ll be some American East Coast dates as well for the duo, but the proposed West Coast dates have had to be left for another time, due to other commitments by the pair. Jez and James first toured together in 2001 in North America, and have done so several times since, notably when they were joined by Archie Fisher for the “Men At Words” tour in 2016… Another nice cover-version of THE BERGEN, by German singer Jan Hauenstein, on his latest album. Jan has covered many of Jez’s songs in the past… A cute little photo was sent to us last week, taken at Jez’s first ever solo festival performance, at Thurso Festival in July 1980! He was part of a concert that also featured Cyril Tawney, Ray Fisher, Jock Tamson’s Bairns and The Shetland Fiddlers. The pic is a bit small and far away, but we’ll try and get the photo up on this site soon. The pic here is somewhat more recent.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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  • Sep 29th 2018 Jez Lowe and James Keelaghan in Washington DC at Folklore Society of Greater Washington
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