Bad Pennies let loose

The Bad Pennies regroup tonight for their first official gig of the year at Hepworth Village Hall in Yorkshire. They tour across England for the month of May (with a few solo gigs from Jez thrown in too, including Hardraw Festival tomorrow night), and also appear at UK festivals this summer at Sidmouth, Broadstairs, Bromyard, and Moira. The Sidmouth appearance (in August) will include a “summer version” of the popular Winter Almanac Christmas show (Summer Almanac?), with Benny Graham as special guest. Jez’s solo festival appearances include Chester, Chapelton, Doncaster, Lowdon Book Festival and Grove White Horse Festival, along with the five North American festivals (Old Songs, New Bedford, Middlebury, Calgary and California World Festval) in July. Meanwhile, we can expect some surprises at the band’s gigs in the next few weeks – see the GIGS page for full details…



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