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Jez has just completed what is likely to be his final contributions to the BBC Radio Ballads series, with four short pieces of introduction and conclusion for the last two programmes – The Ballad of 1917 and the Ballad of 1918. The former will be broadcast in November on BBC Radio Two, and the latter next year. Here on this website, we’ve added a page summarising his total contribution to the entire Radio Ballads series, with a list of all the songs he’s written (or as many as we’re aware of, at least). You’ll find it on a drop down menu from the “About Jez” title on the bar at the top of this page… Jez and Steve Tilston have indeed formed a band together for larger venues, with Hugh Bradley on bass and Chris Parkinson on accordeon. Both Hugh and Chris have worked extensively with Steve over the years, and of course are part of The Broonzies with Jez. The new band – name to be announced soon – will make their debut at Cecil Sharp House on November 8th. Hugh will be joining Jez ad Steve at various festival gigs before then… Speaking of The Broonzies, their website at has been updated with some new photographs, and a short video featuring the band performing a song called “Joe Corrie”, live on their recent tour. The Broonzies will back together in 2018… Jez is solo on Thursday in Gosforth near Newcastle, and with The Bad Pennies at Ely Folk festival on Saturday. He’s then got sporadic solo gigs until he and Steve are at Warwick Folk festival at the end of the month. (Photo courtesy of Black Swan Folk Club/Early Music Centre, York)

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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