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Jez spent two days last week travelling around Northumberland recording segments for the BBC Radio 4 programme Open Country. The programme, which will have a Hallowe’en theme to it, will be broadcast in the UK on October 31st. Jez is the presenter of the show, and will also sing a song or two. Popular Northumbrian singer Rachel Unthank (pictured with Jez below) will also sing and talk about the folklore of the region. The programme will also be available on the BBC i-player. This is Jez’s second time as a presenter of the programme. His first appearance was in 2018, and is still available to listen to as a BBC podcast... The new novel, “The Corly Croons” is now out, and was launched at the Sedgefield Bookends Literary Festival in County Durham last weekend. Jez talked about the writing of the new book, and about his first novel, “The Dillen Doll”, and sang a few songs that reflect the stories within them. As it happened, a descendant of one of the people mentioned in “The Corly Croons” was in the audience, unaware that his family was referenced in the story!… Jez is now on tour with The Pitmen Poets in the UK, and is three shows into a thirty-plus date tour. The new Pitmen Poets CD, entitled “Seamless”, is on sale at all the shows… There’s an extra solo date, just added on November 27th, at the Three Greyhounds in Great Asby, near Appleby in Westmoreland. It’s billed as a “story-telling evening”, so perhaps there’ll be a page or two from “The Corly Croons” in the repertoire…

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe
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