Big News! Jez’s first novel to be published!… Plus album of traditional songs!!!

Over the weekend, Jez’s monthly newsletter, The Midnight Mail, was sent out to his mailing list, and in it was the surprise announcement that later this year, we will see the publication of Jez’s first novel! Even more surprising, there will be an accompanying album of traditional folk songs released at the same time as the book. The novel, for which no title has so far been given, was apparently written some time ago, and publication date is likely to be early November. The new album is currently being recorded and will feature a set of traditional folk songs that evidently relate to the story in the book. This news clarifies rumours that have been circulating on social media for quite some time. It was thought at first that a new volume of the Jez Lowe Songbook was in the offing, with a live album to be released to coincide with Jez’s upcoming American tour. The live album was indeed compiled and mastered, but has now been cancelled in favour of this new release. The songbook rumour was clearly misinformation, and it was a very different sort of book that has been in the works all along. More details about it should be known within the next few weeks. As regards the new CD, Jez has recorded traditional songs in the past, but this will be the first time he’s done a complete album of such material. It’s not clear where recording is taking place. Jez was at Wickham Festival in Hampshire with Steve Tilston last weekend, and is with The Bad Pennies at Saltburn this coming Sunday. Watch this space for more news on this exciting development as soon as we have it.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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