A busy Autumn ahead…

As September begins, Jez is gearing up for a very busy few months, with UK gigs starting this weekend in Birmingham, Uxbridge and Whitstable. Recording sessions for the new album of traditional songs (see below) are continuing, with Jez up in Newcastle earlier this week working with Andy May. It’s not clear whether or not the rest of The Bad Pennies are involved in the recording of the CD at this point. Jez’s new book is also ready for production to begin, and a press-release with information on both projects is ready and waiting only for final artwork to be completed. The press release alludes to a “suite of traditional songs”, suggesting that there’ll be more to this album than just a collection of folk songs, and in fact we know this to be the case. Not only are these songs that are connected to the story in the novel, but Jez has gone to some lengths to present them in a quite different way,as we’ll see when the album is released in November… Before that, Jez has an American tour to deal with, starting on September 29th. Details of all the US gigs are now on the LIVE DATES page of this website. It’s a relatively short trip with nine concerts, all in the New England, New York and New Jersey area, which is of course, quite a big area! All but one of the venues are places where Jez has played several times in the past… Meanwhile, Jez is also providing songs and music for the new Badapple Theatre production, “Salsa Verdi”, written by Kate Bramley, and which goes out on tour on September 21st. Full details of the tour can be found at 
Thanks to The White Horse Festival in Grove Oxfordshire for the photo below.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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