Christmas Sale still on!… On-line gig report…

Our current Christmas sale of Jez’s back-catalogue CDs and special offers is going well, with lots of people picking up bargains. Almost all of Jez’s albums will be available for £5 plus postage for the rest of the month, as will his two novels, “The Dillen Doll” and “The Corly Croons”. Meanwhile his brand new album “Crazy Pagan” has just had its official release via Proper Distribution, the outlet that distributes most “specialist” genres of music in the UK. The new album will also be featured as “Album of the Week” on Scotland’s Celtic Music Radio next week, with a special interview with Jez to be broadcast about the songs on the CD… Jez did the first of this month’s on-line concerts earlier this week, a special, ticketed event for Darlington Folk and Acoustic Club. Set list for the gig was as follows – TETHER’S END / BLACK DIAMONDS / PITMEN POETS / SHAKING MONTY / TOM TOM / SPITTING COUSINS / THE ELVES HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING / BACK IN DURHAM GAOL / THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE / HIGH PART OF THE TOWN / OLD BONES. His next concert is for the Poppleton Live concert series on December 17th…

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
Upcoming shows
  • Jan 29th 2021 Jez Lowe in Redcar at The Cutty Wren
  • Jan 31st 2021 Jez Lowe in Live on Facebook at On line concert


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