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Just in time for Christmas, we’re having a sale of a dozen albums from Jez’s back-catalogue – see the photo below. It seems that a music distribution company in the UK has returned everyone’s stock and moved into digital sales only, so Jez’s label, Tantobie Records, has suddenly found itself with a lot of CDs, all new and still shrinkwrapped, that we’re selling for £5 each, mail-order, just for December. We’ve added some of Jez’s books to the offer too, so check it all out on our SHOP page… Meanwhile, on our LIVE DATES page, we’ve listed all of Jez’s on-line concerts that are happening in December, and details of how you can be part of them. His Facebook concert on December 27th will likely feature mainly songs from his Christmas repertoire, including many unrecorded songs from the last few December tours. It was hoped that The Bad Pennies would be joining him for this last show of the year, but this will not be possible, so Jez will be performing solo. There are a limited number of “tickets” currently available for all the other December shows as of today… The new edition of UK folk magazine “Living Tradition” has an entertaining article, penned by Jez as part of its regular “Tales from The Road” series. It includes an amusing story about Jez’s meeting with Doctor John The Night-tripper, and other such wild tales… Over on Jez’s You Tube channel, there’s a new video entitled “Three Songs From September”, featuring solo performances of three songs from Jez’s new album “Crazy Pagan” – HONEYMOON TERRACE, LOUISA’S CHOOSING and COALMOUNTAIN. They were filmed for September’s Tenterden on-line festival… The “Tracks, Traces and Trails” project featuring the collaboration between Jez and Bad Pennies bassist David De La Haye is now on-line at and as well as the piece itself, there’s also a short film about the making of it. It’s well worth checking out… Jez’s compilation CD “Heads Up” has been added to his Bandcamp digital down-load page, as the CD itself is now discontinued, having been mostly superceded by the release of The Fellside Collection earlier this year. Tracks can be bought and downloaded individually, and the album does in fact feature several tracks exclusive to the “Heads Up” collection… STOP PRESS – Interview with Jez and feature on “Crazy Pagan” on Friday Dec. 4th at 8pm (and available afterwards) on

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
Upcoming shows
  • Jan 29th 2021 Jez Lowe in Redcar at The Cutty Wren
  • Jan 31st 2021 Jez Lowe in Live on Facebook at On line concert


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