januscover5002016 – The Janus Game

pp-cd-front-500x4502015 – The Pitmen Poets

TTRCD114-5002015 – Cauld Feet Again Pet

The-Ballad-Beyond-5002014 – The Ballad Beyond

Heads-Up-5002012 – Heads Up

Wotcheor-5002010 – Wotcheor

Northern-Echoes-5002008 – Northern Echoes: Live on the Tyne

Jack Commons Anthem-5002007 – Jack Common’s Anthem

Doolalley-5002004 – Doolally

Fighting-The-Tide-5002002 – Fighting The Tide

Honesty-Box-5002002 – Honesty Box

Live at the Davy Lamp-5002000 – Live at the Davy Lamp

Parish-Notices-5001998 – The Parish Notices

Lowe-Life-5001998 – Lowe Life

Tenterhooks-5001995 – Tenterhooks

banners-5001994 – Banners

Bede-Weeps-5001993 – Bede Weeps

Back-Shift-5001992 – Back Shift

briefly-on-the-street-5001990 – Briefly on the Street

bad-penny-5001988 – Bad Penny

two-a-roue1-5001986 – Two A Roue

galloways_5001985 – Galloways

The-Old-Durham-Road-5001983 – The Old Durham Road

Jez-Lowe-5001980 – Jez Lowe  

Jez has also appeared on the following albums:


Gerry Hallom, A Run a Minute, LP, Fellside FE036, 1981

Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis, Making the Air Resound, LP, Fellside FE039, 1984

Various Artists, A Selection from The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, LP, Fellside FE047, 1986

Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of the First 10 Years of Fellside Records, LP, Fellside FE050, 1986

Gerry Hallom, Old Australian Ways, LP, Fellside FE074, 1989

Hughie Jones, Hughie’s Ditty Bag, CD, Fellside FECD81, 1991

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Mussels on a Tree, CD, Fellside FECD84, 1992

Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992

Edgerton Layhe, Rough & Tumble, CD, Fellside FECD96, 1993

Various Artists, A Selection from The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, CD, Fellside FECD47, 1994

Various Artists, Banklands: The Story of Fellside Records, CD, Fellside FECB100, 1994

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Sunlit Plains, CD, Fellside FECD102, 1995

Lucky Bags, Delight in Disorder, CD, Fellside FECD138, 1998

Various Artists, Port Fairy Folk Festival, CD, Shock PFFF002CD, 2000

Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of 25 Years of Fellside Records (1976-2001), 2 CD, Fellside FECD156, 2001

Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

Various Arists, Huntingdon Folk 3, CD, Speaking Volumes SVL 08CD, 2002

Folk for Peace, Rumours of Rain, CD single, Hypertension HYP 4231, 2004

Various Artists, Someone Was Calling: “Folk on the Pier” Celebrates 200 Years of Cromer’s Lifeboats, 2 CD, Symposium SIUM 1347/48, 2004

James Keelaghan, A Few Simple Verses, CD, Fellside FECD204, 2006

John Tams et al, The Enemy That Lives Within (The 2006 Radio Ballads), CD, Gott GOTTCD048, 2006

John Tams et al, The Horn of the Hunter (The 2006 Radio Ballads), CD, Gott GOTTCD049, 2006

John Tams et al, Swings and Roundabouts (The 2006 Radio Ballads), CD, Gott GOTTCD050, 2006

John Tams et al, Thirty Years of Conflict (The 2006 Radio Ballads), CD, Gott GOTTCD051, 2006

John Tams et al, The Ballad of the Big Ships (The 2006 Radio Ballads), CD, Gott GOTTCD052, 2006

Various Artists, Landmarks: 25 Years of a Leading Folk Music Label, 3 CD, Fellside FECD203, 2006

Mrs Ackroyd Band, Dark Side of the Mongrel, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 020, 2007

Steve Tilston, Reaching Back, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 70, 2007

Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2008, 3 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK05, 2008

Folk for M.S., Generosity: A Unique Collection Celebrating 20 Years of Folk for M.S., CD, WildGoose WGS365CD, 2009

Darwin Song Project, Shrewsbury 2009, CD, Shrewsbury Folk Festival SFFCD01, 2009

Various Artists, Cat Nav (Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 4), 2 CD, Osmosys OSMO CD 050/051, 2009

Various Artists, Trades Roots Live, CD, Trades Roots TR001, 2009

Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod, Ruth Notman, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall, All Along the Wall, CD, Fellside FECD236, 2010

John Tams et al, The Ballad of the Miners’ Strike (The Radio Ballads), digital download, Delphonic DELPH007, 2010

Various Artists, One Night for Norma, CD, Scarlet SR027CD, 2011

David Gibb, Letters Through Your Door, CD, Hairpin HAIRPIN005, 2014

Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK16, 2015

Various Artists, The Ballads of Child Migration 2015, CD, Delphonic, DELP119


Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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  • Jan 29th 2021 Jez Lowe in Redcar at The Cutty Wren
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