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    Found an old Jez Lowe song book in a second hand bookshop liked the lyrics but didn’t know the songs . Learnt one on the harmonica then luckily saw you at Orpington only last week . Wow ! Glad I’ve finally discovered your work . Awesome and relative given my Mother’s North East background . Thanks for a great evening.

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    Coming to hear your gig at the square chapel Halifax on the 12. First time I’ve seen you live

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    The Last of the Widows always strikes a personal chord with me… grandfather who I never knew, George Calvert, was one of the 82 and I grew up with my grandmother, hearing the stories of the disaster. My gran died at the age of 91 and I always feel she was the last of the widows….always brings a tear to my eye when I hear it………

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    When are you coming back to Australia and Newcastle in particular? This is a place of Black Diamonds too.

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    I am very taken with your song ‘The Military Road ‘ and wonder if there is a back story? Or it may be one of those songs that just arrives in your head from nowhere! I’d love to know.
    Thank you.

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