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    Hi Jez and Bad Pennies. Thank you so much for a great show at Lichfield Guildhall last night. It was a privilege to be in the audience. All best wishes and hope to see you in these parts soon.
    Happy Christmas to you and all folk fans

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    I have been a fan for many years, and your song, The Parish Notices, helped me so much with coping with attitudes at work when my wife passed away. (I’m from the states, I could not give my love health insurance from work, and she died as a result).

    If I need to laugh, I put on Durham Jail, Monkey’s revenge, or the Charles darwin one. But I lost my records in the tech conversions, and I can not find two songs right now:

    Bow down to the idle (idol) electric, cower in terror at the tick box.. and

    “Young men propping up walls, women in boots and shawls, tomorrow is only what the past dragged in and the penny of the rich man falls.”

    Can you help me find those?

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    Wonderful night at Billingham Forum seeing the Pitmen Poets, they just get Better and Better every time we see them. Each individual has so much to contribute but “together they are magical”. It’s nice to hear OUR traditional songs from the North East area kept alive, Tommy Armstrong would be very proud of you all. The songs penned by yourselves are great and I’m sure people sing them with pride, future classics I would say without a doubt. You manage to capture the life and soul of the times in the North East, particularly the hard times of the mining and working communities. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, keep up the good work. I’ll tell everyone to come and see you and say that they are in for a special treat.
    Best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.

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    Jez – I saw you perform with the Pitmen Poets last night in Liverpool and I’m still glowing – it was a truly wonderful absorbing evening which covered every human emotion. Your song ‘Last of the widows’ is simply beautiful. Listening to it again just now reduced this six foot two tattooed Scouser to tears – albeit in an emotional/magical way. The concept and lyrics of this beautiful song reveals not only the heartbreak and tragedy of the Easington colliery disaster but the compassion, humanity and beauty that is obviously inside you. You’ve been blessed with a gift – never ever stop.

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    It was a privilege to hear you and James play in Winnipeg during your Canadian tour. Listening to the two of you now! Any plans to come back to the colony or must I cross the mighty ocean to hear more?

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