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    I have recently purchased 2 CD’s of the Pitman Poets, l absolutely love you guys. The performances are powerful and poignant and full of down to earth Geordie humour, the ex pitman pot holeing pub quiz team being a particular favourite. Hope to catch you live soon Jez, all the best.

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    Just wondering if Jez is planning on streaming any Home Concerts in the coming days or weeks. Would love to see it happen!

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    On top form at The Ram on Friday 31st.
    Any chance of getting the lyrics of The Frozen Roman on the site?

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    Have loved your music/songs since the Victor Harbour Folk Fair in the early 2000s.
    Will you have any more of your song books available in the future?

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    I have listened to the “Wall Song” on YOUTUBE, one of the funniest and cleverly written songs I’ve ever heard. I hope to catch a live performance soon.

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