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    Enjoying the excellent new album, Crazy Pagan. I found ‘Louisa’s Choosing’ particularly moving and at the other end of the scale it’s great to have a live version of ‘Talk To Me Dirty In Geordie’ on record. ‘This Is Not My Tribe’ is a great rousing anthem for our troubled times. We’re hoping we can last long enough to see you ‘Real Live’ again someday.
    All the best
    Stay safe

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    Hi Jez Hope you OK in these rocky times, if we ever get out of lockdown it will good to see you.
    All the best Pete and Gaynor and of course The Bothy Folks

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    The porch light is always on for you in Kentucky!!!
    Jo and Paul Whitty

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    Hi Jez,
    Just got round to reading Corly Croons. Another great book, nice one. I had to get a street map out, only to find I knew most of the places (I just hadn’t looked at street names etc when I’ve been walking round). I’m now looking forward to your next one.

    Also, just listened through the Fellside collection, I’ve been missing out on all that. Great set.

    By the way, great spot during folk week. It prompted me to try and buy Jack Common’s books – I reckon he’d have been floored had he realised how much they seem to go for – I’ve managed to get Kidder’s luck for a more sensible price, so I’m looking forward to that arriving

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    Have several of your CDs, love them and your performances. Just catching up on your Facebook concert part 2, as I don’t get out very often these days.

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