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  • Hi Jez. When are you back in Australia? Caught you in Adelaide last year at Trinity Sessions and am now a huge fan as is every Australian I’ve introduced to you.It’d be great for them to see you live. I used to worry about Dylan dying. Not as much any more. You are the Dylan from Durham, with the added bonuses of more toe tapping & more humour.

  • Saw Jez with the other Pitman Poets at Bury Met on the 16 February. A great concert with a wonderful blend of really nice North East humour and real sadness at what has been endured over centuries. Good to remind everyone of what has gone before and unfortunately continues wherever the working class are. Hope the touring continues over many years to come.
    Looking forward to hearing and playing the songs of all four of you as an exiled former Gateshead resident in Manchester.

  • Saw you last night at Scunthorpe, brilliant. I am an ex miner, so it was right up my street. Look forward to seeing you again sometime.


  • Went to Totterdown on Saturday. Great concert, really enjoyed it. You put on a wonderful show. Thanks for making the long trip.

    The final song you sang, about facebook friends, has it ever been recorded?

  • Jez and the Bad Pennies are always incredible! “Cauld Feet Again, Pet” video toooo funny! Brilliant! Do hurry back to Boston! Would also love to see the Pitmen Poets in the Boston area. Any concerts in the offing??

    Also, what brand keyboard does Andy play? Searching for one; any recommendations? I need to take piano lessons from Andy!!

    Thank you. Be well; travel safe.

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