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    I enjoyed your Dillen Doll Book and CD so much that I have ordered copies for my brother and sister, who, like me, grew up in Newcastle. Thank you very much for such interesting productions. My brother will be 60 on 15 March. He lives in Germany now, but will be staying with a friend in Hexham. and celebrating there. I cannot be there!

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    Saw you 3 times last year, twice with Pitman Poets and once near Newport in Shropshire.
    All good stuff Jez, keep up the good work and will come and see you again when in our neck of the woods.

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    I had the pleasure of seeing you play the Last of the Widows at the New Hartley Mining Disaster Memorial Concert on Saturday night (13th January). It was so moving to hear such a beautifully written song and for me, was one of the highlights of your performance.
    Thank you.

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    Just ordered the new release. Your music still listened to regularly here in Kentucky. Hope to see you again someday!

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    Just finished reading ‘The Dillon Doll’ and found it entrancing, enjoyed all the well-written characters and the depiction of what I know of the way of life and what was happening in the North East at the time in which the book was set. It also resonates with aspects of life etc at the current time.
    Also thoroughly enjoyed the CD, which is being played frequently in our house.
    Enjoyed ‘Yule Do’ in Worcester, thanks and keep up the good work.

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