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    I heard you sing a song about letting a poor wanderer and in horse into the warm and would love to know the name of it. You were up a tree at the time! (I heard it on a podcast some years ago – it was Woman’s Hour, I think.

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    Hi Jez
    We spoke last night at Bollington Folk Club that I was trying to get the lyrics for Jacks Common Anthem. I have checked on the web site and cannot see them so you offered to e mail them to me if that was the case. Hence would it be possible to send them to the above e mail address please. Great gig thanks really liked the new one’s too.

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    Hi Jez,
    Very much looking forward to your return to the Vault Hexham in November , Kind regards Ben Haslam , venue owner .Ps Id like to send you some images of my Ghosts of Wallsend paintings ..Thought you would be interested in how they are progressing, Can you direct me to a forwarding mail address ?

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    The Last of the Widows always brings a tear to my eye, as it reminds me of my grandmother who was one of those very widows. I never knew my grandfather, as the disaster was before I was born, but your lyrics give a poignant reminder of the heartache someone I was very close to, must have gone through.

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    I enjoyed your spot at the Park Hotel Dunoon 1st April, I have appreciated your singing and writing for many years, but Sunday was the first time I had seen you in performance. I was very impressed by your skill and the emotional content which you projected.
    I at one time assisted in the running of a folk club in the Glenmorag hotel…….just above the Park and we had audiences of over five hundred on Saturday evenings…..late sixties and early seventies. We had many big name guests and your delivery reminded me of the late Alex Campbell, you share some of his musical virtues………thank you for the many years of pleasure and for “The Bergen” …..the best version by far. Alex

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