More info on Jez’s NOVEL and NEW CD!

Jez did a radio interview from Saltburn Folk Festival last weekend, and gave a few more details about his upcoming project, his first novel and the accompanying album. It is planned as a simultaneous release and publication in November. He said that the story is based on characters from an old folk song from North East England, and what he imagines their life stories were and how they developed beyond the verses of the song. It’s a historical tale, and includes references and allusions to other folk songs of the region, but with a plot that is wider in scope. The album will feature Jez’s versions of the songs mentioned in the book, a few of which will be well-known, but most of which might be new to a wider audience. All are traditional or traditionally-based. Jez actually wrote the novel about three years ago, but had made no effort to have it published. It was only with encouragement from Steve Tilston and South Yorkshire songwriter Bob Chiswick, both of whom have had their own novels published, that he decided to actually pursue this and consider making it publicly and commercially available. At this point, the book is still in its editing stage, and the album is yet to be finished, but both should be on schedule for their November deadline… Meanwhile, Jez is at Edinburgh Festival with Steve Tilston next week, Tuesday August 22nd, at the Acoustic Music Centre at the Ukranian Community Centre on Royal Terrace, Fringe Venue No. 138A.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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