Jez on BBC Radio 4 Open Country

The edition of the BBC Radio 4 series Open Country presented by Jez Lowe was broadcast earlier today, and is now available to listen again on the BBC I-player here – – it’s also repeated on BBC Radio 4 next Saturday morning at 6am. Subtitled “Tynemouth Sea and Song”, the programme also features the voice of Benny Graham and a variety of local people talking about the town and district of North Shields. At various points in the programme, Jez is heard singing the well-known Tyneside songs “Dance to Your Daddy” and “The Waters of Tyne”, and chatting to characters that he meets along the way. Though the invitation to be on the show came when the producer read Jez’s novel, “The Dillen Doll”, part of which is set right on the spot where the programme was recorded, the book itself isn’t referred to in the show. But there’s plenty of other things of interest, including a fascinating potted history of the Northumbrian Pipes, and Jez’s first time on board a North Sea fishing boat (see photo below).

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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