Jez and Fellside Records.

Just as the new 3 CD compilation “Destination” is released by Fellside Records, comes the rumour that the label may re-release some of Jez’s tracks that he recorded with them in the 1980s and early 1990s. The new compilation is subtitled “The end of an era for a leading folk music label”, so it does look like the company will cease trading in the near future. This would leave SIX albums of Jez’s recordings, plus a 1991 compilation, “Back Shift”,  unavailable – they’re currently available only as downloads through I-Tunes, but how long that will be the case is unclear. Some Fellside tracks were included in Jez’s “Heads Up” compilation a few years ago, but he has chosen to release others as new, live recordings. But even one of those, “Live At The Davy Lamp”, which was Tantobie Record’s first release in 2000, is no longer available. Two Fellside albums were also released by American labels on CD – “Bad Penny” on the Firebird label in 1995, and “Galloways” (with some bonus tracks from Jez’s 1980 self-titled debut) on the Music Pangaea label in 1993. Both of these albums are no longer available either. All of Jez’s other albums were released by Fellside on CD, including the first four which were originally released as vinyl LPs. It’s also worth noting that Fellside released the Jez Lowe/Jake Walton album “Two A Roue” on vinyl in 1986. It was then re-released with bonus tracks by Tantobie in 2001, making it the only Fellside album by Jez still available. Confused? Well, if what we hear is true, there’s a chance that things will be even more complicated in the future, when some of these classic recordings see the light of day again. (Picture shows Jez’s 1983 Fellside album, The Old Durham Road)

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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