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Thanks to everyone who watched Jez’s first on-line concert on Facebook last Thursday – he had viewers from all over the world, including New Zealand, Canada, America, Holland, Italy, Scandanavia and Japan as well as the UK. Thanks also for all your generosity to what Jez described as his “stripey t-shirt fund.” It was much appreciated. Jez played for an hour, dressed apparently in the same outfit he wore on the cover of his “Bad Penny” album in 1988, and played a mixture of old songs, requests and new songs. the set-list was WILL OF THE PEOPLE, THE PITMEN POETS, BOTHER AT THE HOPPINS, THE BERGEN, THE WRONG BUS, SPITTING COUSINS, THE JUDAS BUS, LOUISA’S CHOOSING (a new song written for famed Geordie singer Louisa Killen) TAKING ON MEN, THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE, BACK IN DURHAM GAOL  and THE NEW MOON’S ARMS. The concert should be up on Jez’s You Tube channel at the beginning of this week. As for any future such concerts, it looks like Jez will be doing a “birthday concert” on Facebook in July, a no-repeat show which will include all the requests that he was unable to perform at the first show, plus some more new numbers. More details nearer the time… Jez has also contributed three songs on film for next week’s Northumberland Miners Picnic, based around the Woodhorn Mining Museum. The event itself has been cancelled but an on-line version will be going out, and will include Jez performing BLACK DIAMONDS, PITMEN POETS  and THE MORPETH OLYMPICS, all as requested by the organisers. The date is June 13th, from around 3pm UK time… Note that there are copies of Jez’s 2002 album “Honesty Box” are available from the SHOP page on this website, for a limited time only. The album has been out of stock for several years. A re-issue has been mooted for quite a while, but the Fellside Box-set seems to have been given priority… We’ve also been asked about Jez’s compilation CD “Back Shift”, that Fellside released in 1992, which also has not been available for many years. That album contained tracks lifted from Jez’s early albums which were not available on CD at the time. Two tracks were different versions – live versions of HIGH PART OF THE TOWN  and THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY COLLIER. There’s little or no chance of the album being re-released now, though copies occasionally appear on E-Bay, but for very high prices, worth it perhaps for Jez’s blue suede shoes that he wears on the cover picture.
UPDATE – Whitby Moor and Coast Festival (June 21st) and Llandwddyn Festival (Sept 5th) are now both cancelled. Jez was due to be at both.

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