Jez’s second novel – The Corly Croons – due in October.

The long-awaited second novel by Jez Lowe will be published by Badapple Books in October. Titled “The Corly Croons”, it is once again set in nineteenth century North East England, and inspired by the songs and music of that region, as was his debut novel in 2017, “The Dillen Doll”. This time the story delves into the background of the circle of songwriters who came to be known as The Bards of the Tyne. Their work chronicled the life and times of Newcastle and the characters who lived and worked there, and many of the songs they wrote continue to be sung to this very day. But in “The Corly Croons”, a hidden mystery is discovered, a deep intrigue beneath the comic songs and gentle ballads that entertain the packed music-halls and penny-gaffs that were so popular around Tyneside at that time. The  unraveling of that mystery is the story that Jez tells in the book.
The songs and their writers obviously play a big part in the tale, but this time there’s no accompanying album, as there was with “The Dillen Doll.” And as for the meaning of the title, “The Corly Croons”, we’ll have to wait for the chance to read the book itself to find out what exactly that refers to.
Publication date is October 10th. Jez will be at Sedgefield Bookends Festival on October 13th to launch the book and to talk about the songs and people who have inspired his two novels. Details of how to get  a copy of “The Corly Croons” by mail order will be announced soon.

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