“Keelowe” Tour Dates…

Dates for this Autumn’s tour of the US and Canada by Jez Lowe and James Keelaghan have now been finalised and are listed on the GIGS page of this site. More may be added, but at the moment there are seventeen dates, starting in Delaware on September 27th and ending in Calgary on October 19th. Jez and James met up last week during James’s short batch of UK gigs, for publicity photos and a brief rehearsal. This will be the pair’s first joint-tour as a duo for quite a few years, though of course they played together with Archie Fisher in 2015 on the Men At Words tour of North America… Jez also spent time this week with The Pitmen Poets, planning their next UK tour that will be happening in 2019. The quartet met up in Newcastle Upon Tyne last Monday, to discuss plans and suitable dates. More news on that as and when we know more… Meanwhile, a set-list set in by Barry Hall from Jez’s solo gig last night in Kent makes interesting reading. Here it is – Set One – TIME RICH (new song, not sure of title) / TAKING ON MEN / SMALL COAL SONG / LATCHKEY LOVER / WEAVE AND WORRY / THE WRONG BUS / BLACK DIAMONDS. Set Two – WILL OF THE PEOPLE / ALOYSIUS / PITMEN POETS / TEARDROP TWO STEP / DOVER DELAWARE / MARKET DAY (from “The Dillen Doll” CD) / FROZEN ROMAN (that other new song!) / OLD BONES. Then a surprise encore, IN MY TRADE. So two unrecorded songs, and quite a few that haven’t made the set-list for some time. IN MY TRADE, from the “Honesty Box” album, hasn’t been done live for over ten years, we reckon, and never before as a solo! Whether this means that an “Honesty Box” re-issue is indeed on the cards, is anyone’s guess.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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