Keelowe Tour – James ‘n’ Jez in Canada

Jez starts a twelve date tour of Canada next week with his long-time friend and collaborator James Keelaghan, starting with a show in Lunenburg Nova Scotia (Jez’s first ever visit to that province), and continuing through Ontario and Alberta. The pair, who’s partnership began in the late 1990s and has brought them together on a regular basis ever since, last played together on an extensive tour of Canada’s West Coast two years ago. They will team up again for a series of Canadian festival appearances (yet to be announced) in July. Full details of this upcoming tour are on the LIVE DATES page of this website… Jez has a UK show before he leaves for Canada, at Anchorfolk in Byfleet, Surrey on March 5th. His first show after the tour is with The Bad Pennies at Glenfarg Folk Feast in Perthshire, Scotland at the beginning of April… Jez’s other long-time collaboration, with Steve Tilston, will be back in action with a show at Nettlebed on April 27th, before a full set of UK gigs in May. Steve is about to start a series of celebratory concerts marking his FIFTY YEARS as a professional musician, and Jez will be joining him for the London show on that set of concerts, on June 25th. Venue for that is Kings Place in Central London… Two sparkling reviews for Jez’s latest novel, “The Corley Croons” have appeared, one in a Northumbrian arts magazine, and one on an American literary website. a “folk ballad in literary form” was how it was described in the latter, which can’t be bad.

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