Last week of Keelowe Tour – Western Canada… UK News…

Jez is currently in British Columbia, on Canada’s West Coast with James Keelaghan on the final leg of their North American tour. It’s been quite a trip by all accounts! The special CD that was released for the tour, “Live In Australia”, has been selling like hotcakes. (It’s not currently available anywhere else). They head to Alberta (James’s home-province) for the final few gigs this coming weekend… Jez has three projects lined up on his immediate return – some appearances based around his novel “The Dillen Doll” in North East England, in Durham and Sunderland, the first of which is already sold out. Then on November 9th he’s part of a special Broadcast of The Ballad of the Great War on BBC Radio 2’s programme “Friday Night Is Music Night”, with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. All the previous episodes in the Great War Radio Ballads Series are also being re-broadcast around the same time. Then immediately afterwards, Jez will be part of the all-star tour of The Ballad of Child Migration, which begins at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury on November 12th. Tickets for the tour are going fast, by the way, so check the details on the LIVE DATES page of this website… Finally, the Bad Pennies Christmas Tour, entitled “Thor’d Out!”, is also selling out at many of the venues during December. The band’s Christmas album, “Cauld Feet Again, Pet!” will once again be available for the tour. Expect a lot of new material in the show itself, we’re told.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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