Title Album    
Aloysius Tenterhooks    
Austerity Alphabet The Ballad Beyond    
Back In Durham Gaol Galloways  Back Shift  Live at the Davy Lamp
Bait Up Tenterhooks  Lowe Life  Northern Echoes
Ballad Of Johnny and Durando The Ballad Beyond    
Beaumont’s Light Horse Galloways    
Berlin ’36 The Ballad Beyond    
The Big Fear Honesty Box    
Big Meeting Day Banners Lowe Life Live at the Davy Lamp
Bother At The Hoppins The Ballad Beyond    
Brockie Lads Two a Roue    
A Call For The North Country Bede Weeps Northern Echoes  
Candles The Ballad Beyond    
Cleveland Iron Song      
Cursed Be The Caller The Old Durham Road Backshift  
Dark Shores Galloways    
A Dream Of Steam And Freedom Northern Echoes    
Fighting The Tide Fighting The Tide    
Greek Lightning Bede Weeps  Live at the Davy Lamp  Heads Up 
I’ll Never get Home The Old Durham Road  Northern Echoes   
Jack Common’s Anthem      
Jesse Owens’ Shoes The Ballad Beyond     
The Judas Bus Watcheor    
Just Like Moses Bede Weeps  Live at the Davy Lamp   
Kid Canute Bede Weeps  Live at the Davy Lamp   
The Lass Of Hexhamshire The Ballad Beyond     
Last Of The Widows Bede Weeps     
The Lazarus Dance The Ballad Beyond     
The Midnight Mail Bad Penny     
The Morpeth Olympics The Ballad Beyond     
Mother’s Day Honesty Box     
My Blood Running      
Names The Ballad Beyond     
A New Town Incident Bad Penny     
Old Bones Galloways  Heads Up  
The Old Durham Road The Old Durham Road  Backshift   
The Old Durham Waltz The Old Durham Road  Backshift  
Old Hammerhead      
Regina Inside Doolally     
Song Of The Indian Lass Tenterhooks     
Sons Of The Century Tenterhooks     
Taking On Men Jack Common’s Anthem     
The Bergen      
The Pitmen Poets The Ballad Beyond     
These Coal Town Days Bede Weeps  Heads Up   
Tether’s End The Ballad Beyond     
The Time For Leaving The Old Durham Road     
Too Up And Too Down      
The Town Hall Yard The Ballad Beyond     
Unprotected Bede Weeps     
Weave And Worry Banners  Tenterhooks  
Will Of The People Jack Common’s Anthem     
Working Dirty      
The Wrong Bus The Ballad Beyond     
You Can’t Take It With You Briefly on the Street  Heads Up  

All lyrics:  J.Lowe / Lowe Life Music

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Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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