J.Lowe – Lowe Life Music – 1988

Once there was a town upon a high and windy hill,
With walls as white and trees as tall as tongue could ever tell,
A church with every point of view, grass for every game,
A brand new painted signpost, with a well respected name.

But twice around the houses we all missed the rise and fall,
We never saw the crumbling or the tumbling of the walls,
‘Til someone spelt it out across a church in golden spray,
And as the seasons changed, the people up and moved away.

When Danny he came back he was soon on the street again,
We hadn’t seen him lately, but we all knew him back then,
And I can’t help but think of what he thinks of what they’ve done,
To seed unsown and left to peel it’s paint in rain and sun.

And when her name was still her father’s, she said she’d wait for him,
He used to play guitar for her and we all listened in,
To every chop and change he’s hit, and every word he sang,
And round them concrete canyons Danny’s choruses they rang.

“Black cat and blues,” he’d sing,
“Jesse James” and “Little Wing”,
“Its you and me against the world, my love.
Heartaches I don’t deserve.
You’ve got a lot of nerve,
So come on, you can be my New Town girl”.

Last night we saw them where the Tesco trollies all run free,
Though that crazy floodlit fountain has been dry since Jubilee,
The years apart had changed them like they’d both felt the same pain,
It pulled and stretched and stained them, made them strangers in the rain.

I bet he looked around and cursed John Poulson’s grand design,
And said “We should’ve took my Transit and been down that A19”,
And I bet she laughed out loud and said “Those dreams and days are dead,
And for 20 years I’ve wept whenever your words would fill my head”.


And even as she walked away the cans and papers blew on by,
And settled in the door way of some cheap Workwear Supply,
Around fumbling fingered lovers standing lost beyond the cold,
With more to turn their minds to than the fears of getting old.

Once there was a town upon a high and windy hill,
No-one ever goes there, but I bet it’s up there still,
And Danny where’ve you gone the future’s right here at your door,
In any town you choose, you’re sure to find him by the score.


From the album – Bad Penny


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