(J.Lowe / Lowe Life Music)

When Big Meeting day came round we knew we’d have to beat the crowd,
So we set off bright and early, feeling happy, pleased and proud.
The day was ours to kill, a golden sun was shining down,
We found a parking place in Sherburn Hill, and strolled right into town.

We walked along through Gilesgate, wondering where to venture first,
So while we were a-pondering that, we thought we’d quench our thirst,
The pubs were full and so we bought a crate from off a van,
It was far too much to carry so we drank it there and then.

When we reached the market square it was crowded fit to bust,
We saw our colliery band go marching past but only just,
A woman next to me she said I’m really over the moon,
That’s my husband on the trumpet, he’s the only one in tune.

A man in uniform stood with a pint glass in his hand,
He looked alone and so I said, I hope you can find your band,
He seemed to take offense and put his glass upon the bar,
He said I’m a traffic warden and I hope I can find your car.

Through a whirling crowd in Silver Street I spied a friendly face,
And though it seemed familiar it was one I couldn’t place,
He made his way towards me as I tried so hard to think,
It clicked when he said Come on son, buy your dad a drink,

A busload up from Murton they were out to have a hoot,
And to keep the driver sober they had locked him in the boot,
Before too long they’d all forgotten where they’d left the bus,
When the rest have gone they said the one that’s left will be for us.

No one in the company knew the way to the racecourse,
Then someone spied across the crowd a jockey on a horse,
It was just a mounted policeman, but we still kept on his trail,
Me leeks would win some prizes if I’d only brought a pail.

We slept all through the speeches then we headed for the shows,
But you shouldn’t go on the waltzer if you’ve brought no change of clothes,
But the crowds began to head for home, the banners rolled and furled,
And the sun lit the cathedral at the centre of the world.

You should’ve been in Durham such a sight you never saw,
Crowds and beer and chips and cheer, and banners by the score,
Famous politicians perched upon a balcony,
As the whole of County Durham went a-marching on a spree.

We let our hair down with conscience good and clear,
We let our hair down, it’s only once a year.


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