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There’s a hollow by a road down to a quarry,
Full of rusty bits of cars,
Only bedless lovers go there in a hurry,
To lie under summer stars.
It was motor bikers dressed in oil and leather,
Rasping dust, just to annoy,
Like last night’s chips wrapped in last Monday’s Daily Mirror,
They found a breathless baby boy.
It seems that he’d been lying there a week,
At first they stood in disbelief,
Until someone turned the pages with a stick
And saw his tiny hands and feet,
They thought it might have been a broken doll,
That someone threw away, a toy,
But the more they stood and stared they knew fine well,
It was indeed a baby boy.
Just like Moses in the reeds,
And the lambs in the fields,
Accept this sacrifice we bring,
Not all men born of woman this day shall be king.
He was taken small and silent by an ambulance,
They never told us where.
And to the road so long deserted in it’s innocence
The townsfolk came to stare,
And the guilty mother in our midst to track and trace,
The police were soon employed,
And a thousand wagging tongues were quickly
on the case
To mourn that baby boy.
Well, time it passed and people say the culprit
she was found but never charged,
And she’s with us now and how the police were
wrong to keep us floundering in the dark.
But others see another dark, a woman and
The pain but not the joy,
And no sign of the man to take her by the hand
And hold their baby boy.
Some were born to tend the crops
but waste away on parish slops,
Some were born to scale the heights, but are
washing screens at traffic lights,
Some were born with artists’ hands, but cursed
by governmental plans,
Some were born to tend the sick but are thankful
they can swing a pick,
And still they sing, accept this sacrifice we bring.

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