(J.Lowe – Lowe Life Music – 1990)

Old Hammerhead weeps when the wind blows.
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
High above our houses,
The last Wear Water crane,
And we heard him cry for help
and we denied him in our shame,
And we huddled in the darkness of his shadow.

Who will come and help me,
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
I’ve watched and I’ve protected you,
Now who will do the same,
I’ve kept you from starvation,
Depravation’s burning rain,
And you’ve flourished and survived here in my shadow.

I’ve watched these streets surround me,
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
Swarms of tiny children
have gathered round me at their games,
And I’ve watched them change from playgrounds,
To windy lovers’ lanes,
As they fondled and kissed there in my shadow.

You always told me I’d be needed,
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
I stood by you in hundreds as you fought in freedom’s name,
And better ships no other yard Could ever hope to claim,
Than them that slipped to the river in my shadow.

But now I stand alone here,
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
You say my use is over
And that progress is to blame
And the pride of these yards,
You say will never rise again,
And no saviour will step out from my shadow

They’re coming for to take me now,
Old Hammerhead cried in vain,
With savage blade and cutting tool
Of fearsome burning flame.
They’ll cast lots for my engine,
And divide my mighty frame,
And they won’t even leave me with my shadow.

NOTE – The original recording of this song, on the 1990 album BRIEFLY ON THE STREET, featured only Jez and violinist Chris Leslie, now of Fairport Convention. The Bad Pennies never performed the song until 2002, in a new arrangement. It was recently recorded in Australia by a good friend of the group, Margaret Walters on her album Power In a Song.

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