(J.Lowe / Lowe Life Music)

Well I once sang a song called the Indian Lass
And none ever suited me better
It told of a traveller infair New Orleans
And the Indian girl that he met there
And though the sadness of parting came hard at the end
The tune made it sound all the sweeter
Well I once sang a song called the Indian Lass
But I never once thought that I’d meet her

I was working a bar singing songs of the north
In a place called The Inn on the River
And I sang them the song of the Indian Lass
And I caught her reflection in a cracked bar-room glass
And I finished the song with a shiver
‘Cause there she was next to me, smelling of rain
She asked of my song and my story
And I found myself rambling ever and on
Like a bird in display of its glory

Her skin was the stain of a New England leaf
Her hair was as black as blueberry
And as long as the river that flowed on beneath
In shadows and pools ’round her body
And I found myself swimming in those still water reeds
And fumbling under covers with the lights out
As I lay there in love and inside her at night
As those fingers so red gripped those shoulders so white
And a song in my head sang its heart out

And it wasn’t till late on the turnpike at night
As I drove with her head on my shoulder
With the road stretching on like a trail full of tears
And the thin mountain air growing colder
That she told me the stories that once were just known
To the tribes and the seers of her nation
How a plague of white skin destroyed all in its path
How hard steel and lead sentenced skin, bone and staff
To a place that she called the damnation

And one morning in Maine as I sent money home
She left in the hardest of weather
With never a note, just some stones on a string
One for each day spent together
I could’ve gone after her, begged her to stay
But I thought it was best if I left it
‘Cause I once sang a song called The Indian Lass
And I knew the way that it ended


From the album – Tenterhooks


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