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The latest edition of the UK folk magazine Living Tradition has an extensive interview with Jez, conducted late last year during the Pitman Poets tour. In it he talks about the Pitmen Poets, about his writing and lots of other things. It’s definitely worth checking out…The new Vin Garbutt tribute CD, entitled “Friends and Compaions sing…” is now out, and includes Jez’s song MY BLOOD, which he sings in duet with Vin himself. The track was recorded a good few years ago, and was included on Jez’s “Heads Up” compilation. The song itself was a co-write with James Keelaghan – James’s version, also a duet with Jez, was released in 2008 on his album “A Few Simple Verses”. Copies of Vin’s tribute CD will be available from this website shortly… A set-list from Jez’s solo gig last Friday in South London has been sent in by Lawrence Hall, and makes interesting reading, with many new, and so far unrecorded songs featured. These include the hilarious “Geordie Accent” song, and THE FROZEN ROMAN of course, plus TIME RICH, CASH POOR (first played about two years ago then omitted until now), THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE (it was Brexit Day after all!) and what Jez announced as the live debut of a song about Tyneside folk icon, the late Louisa Jo Killen, which apparently stole the show. One to watch out for… The new Fellside boxset of Jez’s early albums is getting its fair share of coverage on folk radio outlets. The special offer on this album is still valid on this website – check out the SHOP page, where you can also buy copies of the recent release by The Mile Roses, which itself gets a rave review in the new Living Tradition magazine… Jez recently recorded a song written by Midlands-based singer Katherine Fear for her upcoming “folk opera” called “The Undoing of Polly Button”. Jez played and sang his arrangement of a song called “Boom Town” which will be released on a promo-EP for the project within the next few weeks. David de La Haye produced the session for the recording. There will be a live performance of the opera, though not including Jez himself,  in Nuneaton on April 11th.

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