Mid-June news round-up

Jez’s next on-line concert has been confirmed as taking place on July 9th at 8.30pm, via his Facebook page. It’s being touted as a birthday concert, though it’s not quite his birthday on that date. In fact it’s his late father’s birthday, so that makes it ok! Meanwhile, his last on-line concert is now on his You Tube channel… Also coming to Jez’s You Tube page is the next part, Chapter 6, of his first novel, “The Dillen Doll”, read by Jez himself. That should be appearing early this week. Meanwhile, here’s a nice little review of “The Dillen Doll” by Leicestershire folk luminary John Eaves – “The book plunges the reader into the hurly-burly of life in the city of Newcastle at the end of the eighteenth century, with its intrigues, the fear of the press gangs and the love of a woman immortalised in song to this day. The words are crafted as meticulously as the words of the songs that the author also writes and, like those songs, the themes of love and social comment are never far away. An excellent story with characters that are strong and memorable and an ending that does the rest of the book justice.”
The Northumberland Miners Picnic put out an on-line special yesterday, in lieu of the postponed event, and Jez appeared as a pre-recorded video insert, playing three songs, as we mentioned last time. He’ll also be contributing to on-line festival features for Sidmouth and Whitby Folk Week, in August. He was due to appear at both events. More details on those nearer the time… As you may have noticed, lots of people have asked about the song LOUISA’S CHOOSING, a hommage to Geodie folk-singer Louisa Killen, that Jez performed as part of his on-line show earlier this month. The song will definitely be on his new CD, due later this year. It’s not exactly clear if the new albumis actually complete yet, due to recent restrictions, though Jez has talked about it quite extensively in his recent magazine interviews. As far as we know, it’s still on schedule for release in late October. The success of the 5CD box-set, “The Fellside Collection” has perhaps altered that plan, as well as the current lock-down situation. We’ll keep you posted… Jez’s second novel, “The Corly Croons” is also stirring up a fair bit of interest, with overseas sales outdoing those of his debut book. By all accounts, the central character of Evan Piper will have further adventures in the future… There’ll also be something special coming from Badapple Theatre, as part of their current series of podcasts, available on their website, featuring some of the songs and music that Jez has composed for their productions over the years. Watch out for news of that soon.

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