More Dillen Doll readings… but more cancellations…

There are more cancellations to report, sorry to say – Sidmouth Folk Festival has been called off, and the “Ballads of Child Migration” tour, set for late August and into September, has also been scrapped, and unlike (hopefully) most of the other cancellations, that tour looks unlikely to be rescheduled. Jez was to appear along with Boo Hewerdine, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Anna Ryder and Katriona Gilmore… Jez’s return to Canada in July, where he’s due to appear with James Keelaghan at the Winnipeg and Mariposa Festivals, is still in the balance at this point, as is a further series of concerts in Canada with James in September… Jez has lost an astonishing amount of work that was scheduled over the next few months, and he’s not the only one. Please support all musicians at this time, if you can, by buying some of their online merchandise, in Jez’s case, CDs and books… The second chapter of Jez’s first novel, “The Dillen Doll” is now on You Tube, read by the man himself, and it’s a perfect late-night listening experience, as many listeners have already remarked. Chapter 3 will be available next weekend… There’s been no sign of an on-line concert by Jez – he’s probably the only folk performer in the UK who HASN’T done this so far! – but plans are afoot. Watch this space. One idea that we know was being talked about, was that Jez would perform all the new songs that are slated for his next album in one live solo session. A solo demo of the songs already exists, so you never know, that’s what might actually happen. Meanwhile, stay safe evryone, and see you on the other side.

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