New Pitmen Poets CD – October release

The Pitmen Poets have announced the forthcoming release of a new album, entitled “Seamless”, to be released to coincide with their “farewell” UK tour in October. The title of the album was the result of a competition on Facebook in which people suggested suitable names for the CD – there were over 100 entries and “Seamless” was judged the winner by the band membersthemselves. Yesterday, a short promo clip emerged on social media, which included excerpts from the album, including BLACK DIAMONDS, SCHOOLDAYS OVER, GUARD YER MAN WEEL, PITMAN AND THE BLACKEN, and a new Jez Lowe song, LEATHER CAP AND TRAP LAD. The album also features a new version of Jez’s 1985 song THE BOYS OF BELLY ROW, sung by the entire group. Half of the tracks were recorded live on the group’s last tour, including an impressive version of Jez’s other “new” song, COAL MOUTAIN, and the rest of the tracks are new recordings from sessions at a studio in Hexham earlier this month. The cover of the new album is a new photo copying the one on the first Pitmen Poets album (which can just be seen stuck into the strings of Billy’s mandolin on the new pic.) Tickets for all the venues on the tour are selling very quickly – for details check 

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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