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It looks like Jez will be performing a special live on-line concert on Thursday 4th June, time and details to be confirmed. We’ll have more information nearer the time. He was meant to be doing a solo gig in Connecticut that night! We’ll keep you posted on this… Meanwhile, he’ll be doing a short on-line set for the Stonehaven Folk Club (where he was meant to be playing on November 13th – you get the drift…) this coming Friday at 9pm… Just shown up on his You Tube channel, you can now hear Jez reading chapter FIVE of his first novel “The Dillen Doll”. All the previous chapters are still there too… Also just appeared on his You Tube channel is a further clip from the 2015 Costa Del Folk concert, this time with Jez doing THE WRONG BUS, in the Spanish sunshine. It’s been pointed out to us that the Costa Del Folk Festival is no more. Jez played there four times in all, and it’s sad that this popular event has seemingly gone forever… Scots singer Ian Bruce made reference earlier this week during an on-line gig, to the track that he and Jez recorded together last year for Ian’s duets CD. The track is a version of the traditional song “The False Knight on the Road”, and remains unreleased at this point. Part or all of it may have been played as part of Ian’s gig. Jez and Ian have been friends for many years, since they were both Fellside Records recording artists in the 1980s… And still with You Tube, a film has just emerged of Jez performing BLACK DIAMONDS at the Illawarra Folk by the Sea festival in New South Wales, Australia in 2016, complete with the rewritten lyrics (as performed by The Pitmen Poets)… All the remaining copies of Jez’s “Live At The Davy Lamp” album that were available through the SHOP page on this website have now been sold. Still plenty of other stuff to browse through and buy though… Great review of “The Jez Lowe Fellside Collection” in the new issue of Folk London magazine… And a great review of Jez’s second novel “The Corly Croons” in the Australian press last weekend. More details on that next time.

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