News Round Up

There are two cancellations of forthcoming shows – next Monday’s gig in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland has had to be postponed, and the September concert at Red and Shorty’s in New Hampshire is off, as the venue has had to cease operations. Apologies all round. More dates are about to be added to the American tour, by the way… The song on the forthcoming Ian Bruce duets album that features Jez is likely to be a version of the traditional song “The False Knight on the Road”. Andy May plays keyboards and whistle on the track as well… Jez’s 1995 album “Tenterhooks”, reissued in 2004 as “The Art Edition”, will be unavailable for the foreseeable future, sadly, at least from this website mail-order page. It is hoped that it will be re-pressed soon. Still no word, however on the long-unavailable “Honesty Box” album. All tracks from these CDs should be available as downloads via I-Tunes etc, in the meantime… Jez is just back from Scotland, where he did a bunch of solo shows. He’ll be at Matlock with Steve Tilston at the end of next week, the first of several gigs by them over the next few weeks.

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe
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