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Jez has been invited to be one of the writers at an annual literary symposium at Princeton, one of America’s leading universities, next year. He will be talking about his use of traditional and local influences on both his songwriting and his novels, his debut “The Dillen Doll” and the upcoming follow-up, due in October. This is a very big deal indeed, and is one of several “literary” rather than music events that Jez has been invited to in the next twelve months or so… Wizz Jones celebrated his 80th birthday with a special concert in London earlier this week. Steve Tilston was one of those taking part. Jez wasn’t there, but Wizz did perform his version of Jez’s song THE NEW MOON’S ARMS, written with ex-Bad Penny Bev Sanders for the 1990 album “Briefly on The Street”… There’s a venue change for Jez’s solo gig at Spaldingon May 1st – it’s at the South Holland Centre in the market place, not at the previously advertised venue… Jez is back at The National Theatre in London next month, for two week’s work on the “Alice in Sunderland” project. Exciting stuff – watch this space for more details on that… Jez is contributing to another charity CD, we hear. We can expect a brand new track on a various-artists compilation within the the next couple of months. No new album of his own, though, unfortunately, just sporadic one=off contributions to worthy causes… The new Badapple Theatre production “The Frozen Roman” starts a nationwide UK tour tonight. Jez has written the music and songs for it, but as we noted last time, his popular song called “The Frozen Roman” is not included in the play itself. Details of the tour at the Badapple website

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