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An album of live performances recorded at last year’s Settle Folk Gathering has just been released, and features Jez on two tracks. The first is the otherwise unreleased THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE, which had become a staple of Jez’s live shows, both solo and with The Bad Pennies, right up to the beginning of this year (and there’s a video of it on this site of course). The other track features Jez with Bad Pennies piper Andy May in a unique duo version of BARNSTORMING, originally from 2010’s “Wotcheor!” album, and a stalwart of the band’s live shows for many years since. Andy May has a solo track on the album too, and the whole thing was compiled by Mike Harding, who also organised the festival… Jez’s own new album is currently being mixed by Jez’s regular producer (and Bad Pennies bassist) David De La Haye, with a view to an Autumn release. There’s no word on what songs will be included on the album, but as we’ve mentioned previously, Jez was included around half a dozen unreleased songs in his pre-lockdown solo set, such as THE FROZEN ROMAN, LOUISA, TIME RICH AND CASH POOR and the afore-mentioned THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE so it seems likely that they’ll be included. It’s also been pointed out that The Bad Pennies Christmas concerts over the past three or four years also featured many unreleased songs, such as FACEBOOK FRIEND, SNOW DANCING, SNOWED IN, CHRISTMAS IN AUSTRALIA and ICE COLD IN ALNWICK, so maybe the new CD will be another Christmas CD, a follow-up to “Cauld Feet Again Pet”, which came out in 2015. Considering this possibility in August seems a little premature, but it could be December before live concerts restart in the UK (or even later) so maybe that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds… Jez still has some UK gigs scheduled for October and November, which we have been reluctant to put on this website due to the current uncertain situation, but we’ll review this at the beginning of September and maybe resume listing from then. The one definite “gig” already up there is the on-line concert for Oxford Festival on September 16th, tickets for which are now available. It’ll be your chance to chat directly with Jez as well as hear an exclusive concert, so it’s certainly worth getting involved. (Pic by D Tappan) 

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