News Round Up – Holland Tour ends… Pitmen Poets… Fylde CD…

Last week’s concerts in Holland were a big success by all accounts, and Jez pulled out some rare songs for the Dutch audiences, with NAMES (from “The Ballad Beyond”) and BLOODSTAINED (from “Doolally”) being singled out for particular praise. This could have been the first ever performances of BLOODSTAINED since it was recorded back in 2004, so that was definitely a surprise… Jez returns to UK gigs on Sunday, with an afternoon show at The White Room Art Gallery in Stanley, County Durham… He’s also due to meet up with The Pitmen Poets about now, to finalise details on their Autumn tour of the UK. There have likely been some changes to the itinerary for this tour that has been on the LIVE DATES of this website for the last couple of week, so please keep an eye on that. The official announcement of the tour will be in the next couple of weeks… Jez’s contribution to the upcoming album featuring musicians who use instruments made by the Fylde Guitar company, is likely to be a newly arranged version of the song GULL’S EYE, which again was featured on the “Doolally” album, but as an acapella harmony arrangement. In recent years, Jez has performed the song with an elaborate instrumental backing on the cittern. It was a highlight of his sets about six years ago, and was briefly featured by The Bad Pennies on one of the Christmas Tours, again with an instrumental backing. This new recording is thought to be a solo performance. David De La Haye has produced the track… Other Bad Pennies news – expect new albums from The Andy May Trio and from The Mile Roses (featuring Kate Bramley, Simon Haworth and Kari MacLeod) in the months ahead. The Bad Pennies will be with Jez at The New Forest Festival and Bromsgrove Festival this summer, along with other shows in the months ahead. (Photo of Jez in Zaandam last week by Lars Rosta)

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