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There’s an extra date just been added to the Jez Lowe/James Keelaghan Canadian tour – on October 21st at Sundre, Alberta. Details of the venue are still to be confirmed… Jez is on the road in the UK throughout July, mainly solo, but there are three gigs with Steve Tilston along the way. Steve has a new solo album of acoustic reworking of some of his older songs out next week, by the way… Publicity for The Bad Pennies Christmas tour, entitled “Thor’d Out”, appeared on social media earlier this week! The tour starts on November 30th, but it’s never too early to get your tickets… Jez played two shows in Chichester in the South of England last week, and managed to not repeat a single song over the two shows! Rarities from the Jez Lowe repertoire included NEW TOWN INCIDENT, FATHER MALLORY’S DANCE, HANDS FEET, WEAVE AND WORRY, THE WALTZER, WAITING FOR THE ALL CLEAR and A FEW FRONTIERS. We can expect more “deep tracks” in the coming weeks, we hear…There’s a fine review of Jez’s novel “The Dillen Doll” here –
Jez has confirmed that the first draft of his second novel is finished, and he hopes for a publication date in 2019. Watch this space… And another cover0version to report – English duo Marker have FATHER MALLORY’S DANCE on their new CD entitled “Marking Time”, out now.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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