News Update – Jez has plans…

This news page has been somewhat vague lately, as deliberations about future plans continue, but we can expect a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the weeks ahead, now that things seem to be getting clearer and more definite. It looks like there will be a new album release before the end of the year, possibly a live album (which has definitely had work done on it in recent weeks), but possibly something altogether different. There will not be a new release in time for the September/October American trip however, so whatever happens will be after that. Jez’s “Midnight Mail” newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of August, so there may well be more firm news included in that. We also mentioned a new songbook a few weeks ago. Again, that seems not likely to happen anytime soon, but something else of that sort might well be on the cards… Jez is solo at Uppermill in Lancashire on Wednesday, at Rothbury Roots on Thursday, and at Warwick Folk Festival, both solo and with Steve Tilston next weekend… The LIVE DATES page on this website has been updated to include all gigs up to the start of the Bad Pennies Christmas tour on December 1st. 

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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  • Sep 27th 2018 Jez Lowe and James Keelaghan in Wilmington, DELAWARE at Green Willow
  • Sep 29th 2018 Jez Lowe and James Keelaghan in Washington DC at Folklore Society of Greater Washington
  • Sep 30th 2018 Jez Lowe and James Keelaghan in Ewing, NJ at Ewing House Concerts