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The release of Jez’s new CD “Crazy Pagan” has resulted in a strong media presence for Jez, both interms of radio plays and on-line features and interviews. The in-depth interview by Colin Randall has now appeared on his website at and a phone-in chat with Mike Ganley at Swindon FM Radio is due next week. Reaction to the new album has been overwhelmingly positive, and despite lock-down restrictions, sales have been tremendous. One particular reaction was remarked upon by Jez himself on his Twitter page – Jimmy Montgomery, hero of SHAKING MONTY, the album’s opening track, wrote to say how much he liked the CD and how flattered he was to be the subject of one of Jez’s songs! Can’t get a better review than that… Also due on-line soon is the result of Jez’s collaboration with his producer and Bad Pennies bassman David De La Haye on the Land Lines Project, “Tracks, Traces and Trails”, which has resulted in a podcast and a video feature. Jez has written three songs for this – THIS WAS MY BOAT, SEAL SONG  and WELCOME TO JOE’S, all of which are featured in both the film and the podcast. We’ll have a link to these shortly… In a curious twist of fate, it seems that Jez’s original demos for the BBC Radio Ballads have been rediscovered, after having been mislaid for some time. There are around SIXTY songs, dating from 2005 to 2017, that Jez wrote for the various BBC series, that were sent off to the production team and then discarded when new versions were recorded for broadcast. Copies of some of these recordings had been sent out to various other acts (such as The Unthanks, who took three songs for their “Songs of the Shipyards” album) and others were shared on Jez’s My Space page, but were deleted when My Space revamped their website two years ago. It was with some relief then, that the original files with Jez’s demos were returned to him a few weeks ago by the BBC production team. A dozen of these songs were revamped and re-recorded by Jez for his last album, “The Ballad Beyond”, but most of them have not been used since the radio programmes were made. What use they will be put to now is anyone’s guess, but hopefully we’ll all get a chance to hear the full set of these songs at some time in the future. A full list of titles of these songs can be found on the “BBC Radio Ballads 2006 – 2017” page of this website.

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