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Jez’s on-line Zoom concert for Oxford Festival is scheduled for Wednesday September 16th at 8pm. Details can be found here –
Jez will also be featured on video at Tenterden Festival’s on-line presentation which is happening between October 1st and 4th… He’s also special guest on the Facebook/You Tube programme “The Wednesday20 Show”” on September 30th. We can expect a selection of new songs from the upcoming new album on all of these shows… The new album itself is finished and is scheduled for release in early November. Jez’s faithful producer (and Bad Pennies bass-player) David de La Haye is currently doing last minute work on the recordings, prior to mastering and manufacture. There are still no details of what’s on the new CD, but we’ll keep you posted… Jez will also be working on David De La Haye’s own new project for the British Nature Writing organisation, to be titled “Tracks, Traces and Trails”, which will be appearing in mid-October. It is part of their “Land Lines” project, and promises to be something unusual and different, given David’s background in sound-recording and experimentations… Another surprise this week, is the rumour that one of Jez’s songs will be featured as part of an animation film currently being produced by a Spanish company for release in early 2021. This is still somewhat under wraps, but from what we’ve heard, it sounds very interesting indeed…

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