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Jez’s on-line concert for the Oxford Folk Festival concert series was a two-hour show featuring, as promised, old songs and new songs, plus plenty of chat in answer to questions from the audience. Jez gave a “shout-out” to all past members of The Bad Pennies, talked about the recording of his new solo album, and broke the sad news that this year’s Christmas tour has been called off, including the very popular double gig at The Sage in Gateshead, which he and the band had done every year for over a decade. But there were plenty of surprises in the list of songs he played, including SIX from the forthcoming new CD. Here’s the set list with new songs in bold type – Set One – TIME RICH AND CASH POOR, OLD BONES, BLACK TRADE, BACK IN DURHAM GAOL, HIGH HANDENHOLD, GALLOWAYS, LOUISA’S CHOOSING, THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE. Set Two – BLACK DIAMONDS, GREEK LIGHTNING, ALOYSIUS, THE WRONG BUS, THE MIAMI, HADAWAY GAN ON, COAL MOUNTAIN, HIGH PART OF THE TOWN. Encore – THE FROZEN ROMAN. Other things mentioned included the Spanish animation film of the Hartlepool Monkey story, which may use Jez’s song THE SIMIAN SON in the story, (the song was requested but he didn’t sing it), and the revelation that actual recordings made recently by David De la Haye in the old pit-shaft at Jez’s home-town of Easington will be incorporated into a track on the new album. We can’t wait to hear that!… And as well as the Bad Pennies Christmas tour being called off, the proposed Pitman Poets show mooted for December has also been cancelled due the current uncertain situation. More news on all this as it comes in…


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Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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