On-line gig Thursday 4th June 8.30pm UK time.

Next Thursday, June 4th, Jez will do an hour-long solo on-line gig via Facebook, starting at 8.30pm UK time. It will be his first gig of the lock-down, apart from two “invitation only” sets earlier this month, for Glenfarg Folk Feast and for Stonehaven Folk Club. This show will be open for everyone through Jez’s Facebook page. Expect old songs and new songs – contact us here if you’ve any requests or suggestions, and we’ll pass them on… Jez was interviewed by Tim Moon on his folk show for Coast and County Radio last Tuesday – you can hear it again next Monday on BCB Radio… Jez was among the artists that were filmed by the long-established North East of England company Amber Films at the Miners Picnic in his hometown of Easington last summer. A short promo-clip, featuring Jez singing THESE COAL TOWN DAYS at the event (which took place on the former pit site) is about to be released to promote the 2021 picnic, as this year’s has been cancelled due to the lock-down situation. Incidentally, today (May 29th) marks  sixty-nine years since the explosion in the Duck Bill Seam at Easington, commemorated in Jez’s 1991 song LAST OF THE WIDOWS… Jez was recently asked to write a piece for the on-line site Folk 21, commenting on the current problems for folk music venues in the UK. He was one of about a dozen professional folk-singers who contributed. It’s worth a read, if you can get access to it via Facebook… Speaking of last week’s spot for the Stonehaven folk club, Jez played four songs, TETHER’S END, CURSED BE THE CALLER, BACK IN DURHAM GAOL  and BLACK DIAMONDS, and was also interviewed extensively by the club compere… Jez’s home-county of Durham was prominent in the UK news earlier this week, specifically the ancient town of Barnard Castle. Jez had a few pointed things to say about it on his Twitter page, and even alluded to it in his weekly music column for the Northern Echo newspaper. As far as we know, the column will still be running next week...

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