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Release date for the new Jez Lowe book and CD “The Dillen Doll” is set for December 5th, and advance mail-order offers are being taken right now via the SHOP page on this website. There’s a special offer for anyone who wants to buy both the album and the novel.… Continue reading

THE DILLEN DOLL – first novel and new CD from Jez Lowe

The Dillen DollWe’re pleased to announce that Jez’s first novel, entitled “The Dillen Doll” will be published next month by Badapple Books in the UK. A new album of traditional folk songs, also titled “The Dillen Doll”, will be released by Tantobie Records to coincide with the book.

The novel is set… Continue reading

Tilston Lowe Sometimers – new quartet debut!

Jez Lowe and Steve Tilston are in the middle of a tour of village halls around the North of England, but next week they’ll be joined by Hugh Bradley on bass and Chris Parkinson on keyboards for the debut appearances of their new quartet, The Tilston Lowe Sometimers. They… Continue reading

Back in the UK – Tilson/Lowe tour…

Jez’s American tour has drawn to a close, and he’s now back in the UK, heading straight for the recording studio to wrap up the new album of traditional songs, which is still scheduled for an early December release. The new book, Jez’s first novel, is also due for publication… Continue reading

News Updates – US Tour continues…

Jez is still in America, with three shows coming up this weekend, at Accord NY (a late addition to the tour) on Friday, at Corning NY on Saturday and at Ewing NJ on Sunday. We’ve had more song-lists from the tour, which we’ll post once it’s over, but it certainly… Continue reading

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  • Jan 27th 2018 Jez Lowe & Steve Tilston in Lancashire at Folk Northwest Concert
  • Feb 2nd 2018 Jez Lowe Solo in Nailsea, North Somerset at Nailsea Folk Club Buy Tickets
  • Feb 3rd 2018 Jez Lowe in Washington, Tyne & Wear at Davy Lamp