More Dillen Doll readings… but more cancellations…

There are more cancellations to report, sorry to say – Sidmouth Folk Festival has been called off, and the “Ballads of Child Migration” tour, set for late August and into September, has also been scrapped, and unlike (hopefully) most of the other cancellations, that tour looks unlikely to be rescheduled.… Continue reading

Update into April

As you’ll see by the GIGS page on this site, more gigs have been postponed due to the present lock-down situation, and several that are still up there are likely to be called off imminently. We’re continuing to monitor things and will update the site as and when more information… Continue reading

Update on cancelled shows…

Jez’s tour of Canada with James Keelaghan was called off after two shows, and that was a sign of what was to come – all of Jez’s scheduled gigs up to the end of May have now been cancelled. Further cancellations are possible. We’ll try to update the GIGS page… Continue reading

Keelowe Tour – James ‘n’ Jez in Canada

Jez starts a twelve date tour of Canada next week with his long-time friend and collaborator James Keelaghan, starting with a show in Lunenburg Nova Scotia (Jez’s first ever visit to that province), and continuing through Ontario and Alberta. The pair, who’s partnership began in the late 1990s and has… Continue reading

Jez on Radio Shropshire last weekend…

Jez was invited back to BBC Radio Shropshire’s folk programme by Genevieve Tudor last weekend, and talked extensively about his latest novel, The Corly Croons. He even read a section of it over the air as part of the show. The interview was interspersed with songs from the recent… Continue reading

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe

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